Dobbs Leak Investigation Turns Cold

The investigation into the leaker of the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court abortion ruling has apparently hit a dead end. The leak revealed the draft decision of the Justices in overturning 1973’s Roe v. Wade. Not only was the leak damaging to the Court, but also strictly against federal law.

There is considerable speculation over who may have leaked the court document. Some even believed it could have been one of the court’s three left-of-center judges.

However, it seems more likely that a member of the Justices’ staff revealed the information to the media. The federal government launched a full investigation, but so far with no luck.

The scale of the investigation has expanded due to the profile of the crime. This included interviewing the Justices of the Supreme Court. However, very little appeared to be revealed, at least at the current moment.

Now, the Supreme Court released a 20-page report regarding the leak and the potential leaker. As expected, there is little new information revealed. The report, however, revealed something else about the environment prior to the release.

The Supreme Court report stated that the Court utilized obsolete security practices and did not completely explain the extent of the investigation. Moreover, it did little to quell the fears that such a leak could happen again.

The investigation comes during a time of low public approval of the Supreme Court. Recent polling placed trust in the institution at 47%. Such levels of trust may incentivize a future leaker to reveal an upcoming decision.

While there will still be a search for the Dobbs case leaker, it is likely that their identity will not be known for some time. Federal law enforcement must still have some means left to find the culprit, but it will be a much lower priority.

In the aftermath of the Dobbs case, public scrutiny of the Supreme Court will likely continue. Hopefully, it will not aid Democrats’ efforts to expand and pack the High Court.