House Speaker’s Betrayals Could Cost GOP Majority

House speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is facing intense criticism from conservatives over recent moves to secure foreign aid and authorize warrantless government surveillance while doing absolutely nothing for the ongoing border crisis that is costing Americans their lives, jobs and standard of living.

The backlash against Johnson’s leadership comes at a crucial time for Republicans who hold a slim majority in the House of Representative and his moves have caused an uproar among voters who he’s betrayed by completely reversing his assurances to them and other members of Congress.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has publicly backed a motion to remove Johnson as speaker. “There’s only one person right now who could stop us from going into what happened last fall and that’s Mike Johnson,” Massie said.

The criticism extends beyond Congress with influential conservative figures like Donald Trump Jr. also calling out Johnson’s leadership. “Enough already! If you ever even begin to start believing anything anyone in Republican leadership tells you just watch this,” Trump Jr. posted on X formerly Twitter highlighting Johnson’s changing positions since becoming speaker.

Many conservatives feel betrayed by Johnson’s apparent concessions to Democrats especially on Ukraine without securing any progress on domestic issues like border security. They worry that his actions could alienate a significant portion of the Republican base.

Johnson has defended his approach as a balanced way to govern. He described the motion to oust him as “absurd” and insisted he remains committed to the Republican agenda but his reassurances have done little to quell the growing dissent within the party.

The controversy surrounding Johnson reflects a broader ideological shift within certain segments of the Republican Party as more and more voters become aware of the RINOs hiding in plain sight and determining the direction of conservative policymaking and the country as a whole. As has been reported, the speaker’s top staffer has been outed recently as a Never-Trump activist, leading to serious speculation about the the intentions and trustworthiness of the new House speaker as he continues down the road of predecessor former House speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)