Miami Herald Wonders: Is Diddy The Next Epstein?

The Miami Herald openly questioned on Tuesday whether hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs is another Jeffrey Epstein, the deceased trafficker of teenage girls for the world’s wealthy elite, as the federal government’s Department of Homeland Security investigates Combs for human trafficking.

The United States District Court Southern District Of New York (SDNY) issued a warrant for raids on Combs’ houses in Los Angeles and Miami, but the rapper has thus far avoided facing criminal charges related to the human trafficking investigation.

On Monday, the Miami Herald posed the question: “Is Combs another South Florida-grown Jeffrey Epstein?”

One month ago, someone filed a civil lawsuit against Combs accusing the rapper and his staff and executives of his company of engaging in “serious illegal activity.”

The lawsuit alleges they used drugs, possessed firearms illegally and provided roofied alcoholic beverages and drugs to prostitutes and minors, all for Combs’ gratification.

Combs “deserves” to be compared to and treated like the late Jeffrey Epstein if these allegations are true, according to a piece in the Miami Herald on Tuesday. The Herald also mentioned Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein and singer R. Kelly as examples of Combs’ peers should the investigation find proof of the allegations against him.

Like these men, Combs created a reputation of luxury and opulence that he may have used to lure women into situations they did not want to be in. A neighbor told the Herald there were frequent parties at Combs’ home in Star Island featuring a revolving door of strangers.

The lawsuit against Combs, filed by producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, says that the rapper ran a “widespread and dangerous” criminal human trafficking organization out of their backyard.

He also alleges that Combs groped him and inappropriately forced him to engage in acts of a personal and private nature. In November, Combs settled a suit filed by singer Cassie that accused the hip-hop mogul of forcing her to commit acts in private with him.

The lawsuit by Jones claims Combs preys on vulnerable women and men and trafficks them using a private jet and a Caribbean island property. Some of the victims identified in the lawsuit are adult workers recruited at Miami strip clubs to please Combs, Jones alleged.