Radical New York AG Now Targets Trump’s Bond Company

The persecution of former President Donald Trump — and anyone with the audacity to support his cause — knows no bounds among radical Democrats. New York Attorney General Leticia James now has a new target in her quest to eradicate the 45th president.

Knight Specialty Insurance Company (KSIC) provided the surety for Trump’s $175 million bond. This stemmed from her discredited civil fraud prosecution against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

But now James questioned the financial footing and regulatory compliance of KSIC. This came after a mere paperwork error produced a hiccup in the bonding process.

The AG and her leftist colleagues demanded that Trump’s lawyers or the bond underwriter “justify” the bond within 10 days. They moved to force the company to prove that it can make good on the bond and likely disclose collateral the former president provided.

James set up a hearing for Apr. 22.

Democrats fantasized about having James roll up to the Trump Tower in Manhattan with a lock and chain. She would force everyone out of the building and lock it in the name of the state of New York against the “terrible crimes” committed by Trump.

An attorney for the former president, Christopher Kise, accused James of working to initiate a “baseless public quarrel in a desperate attempt to regain relevance.”

He then lashed out at the AG for conducting “yet another witch hunt.”

The state of New York accused Trump of defrauding bankers and insurers by misrepresenting the value of his properties and holdings. This despite all parties agreeing to the terms of the loans and every penny being duly repaid.

Trump denied the charges and noted they are part of an overwhelming Democratic push to drive him out of the 2024 presidential election. He is appealing the New York judgment against him.

The state court kicked back the initial filing and demanded more paperwork which included a financial statement. Even though that was provided Thursday, James’ office declared it “takes exception to the sufficiency” of Trump’s bond.

Considering the source, that is hardly a surprise.