102-Year-Old Man Forced To Remove Graffiti From His Fence Or Face Fines

The state of California has some of the most leftist policies in the country. One demanded that a 102-year-old man paint graffiti off his property or face a hefty fine.

Oakland resident Victor Silva was forced to paint over red and black graffiti on the back of his fence left by vandals. The wheelchair-bound citizen has lived in his home for the last 80 years.

If Silva refused to paint over the fence by March 19, he would have been hit with an outrageous $1,100 fine. Each time he failed a reinspection, the city would have forced the senior citizen to pay an additional $1,277 each time.

Thanks to vandals, Silva has had to repaint his fence multiple times in the last few years. Since he has become more advanced in age, Silva has found it difficult to keep up.

“Just had a roller and a paintbrush and just painted it,” said Silva. “It was very easy because I was a contractor, you know. I’ll be 103 in two months or so. That slowed it up a little bit, you know.”

Since he is older, Silva has looked to his 70-year-old son, Victor Silva Jr., to help with the task.

“It’s hard to keep up with it because as soon as we get it painted, it’s gonna be graffiti on it again, and it won’t last,” said Silva Jr.

Silva received a violation citation from the City of Oakland earlier this month to remove it by Tuesday, March 19, or face a $1,100 fine, plus an additional $1,277 for each failed re-inspection.

“It was so absurd, it’s like a joke. If you drive around the city and see the graffiti everywhere, it’s just I don’t know what to say,” said daughter-in-law Elena Silva.

According to Silva Jr., the city has declined in recent years, with crime destroying the city. He manages the family’s small commercial building close by, which had been broken into three times in the past year.

He stated that each time he called 911, nothing was done about the break-ins.

“And I’m put on hold every time,” said Silva Jr. “So it’s hard to understand where our tax dollars are going. They can’t answer 911, but they can come out and hassle you about a fence?”

It’s concerning to know that with all the crime in Oakland, senior citizens are being targeted. According to KTVU, a city inspector contacted the outlet and said that he would perform an immediate inspection and cancel the citation.