Donald Trump May Miss Son’s Graduation Due To Judge

The judge presiding over former President Donald Trump’s developing trial in New York has floated the possibility that he will not be able to attend his son’s high school graduation due to the trial’s schedule.

Judge Juan Merchan of the New York Supreme Court refused to give any answer on whether or not the former president could attend the once in a lifetime event, saying, “It really depends on if we are on time and where we are in the trial.”

Donald Trump’s son, Barron, is set to graduate in Florida in just a few weeks on May 17.

The purposeful lack of commitment to allowing Trump to attend his son’s graduation has drawn outrage and disgust from people all over the country who feel that Democrats are punishing an innocent Barron Trump for their hatred of his father.

In response to the judge’s lack of sympathy, Trump said, “It looks like the judge will not let me go to the graduation of my son, who’s worked very, very hard.“

He continued, saying, “He’s a great student and he’s very proud of the fact he did so well, and was looking forward for years to have his graduation with his mother and father there — and it looks like the judge isn’t going to allow me to escape this scam — it’s a scam trial.”

Trump further remarked that the trial is tantamount to election interference due to the intentional nature and timing of it on what he considers to be frivolous charges, when he could be in important battleground states campaigning for his second term as president.

In addition to leaving Trump’s attendance at his son’s graduation in doubt, Merchan has threatened to throw the former president in jail if he misses a day of the trial.

For Barron Trump’s part, this is not the first time he has been potentially punished by others for their antagonism towards his father. Over the years he has received both mockery and death threats, as well as been subjected to horrendous displays of mock violence against his father, most notably by so-called comedian Kathy Griffin, who posed for a photo shoot involving her holding the bloodied head of then President Trump.

Although the offenses against Barron and the Trump family have been at times outrageous, there is at least some hope that these negative experiences can eventually turn into a net positive as Barron continues to grow and mature. With hope, he will take these experiences and be filled with righteous contempt for those who have attacked him and his family so unfairly, and one day use that welled-up indignation for good.