Police Seize Unregistered Firearm From Deranged Trump Accuser

New York police have seized an unlicensed firearm from the home of E. Jean Carroll, the clearly mentally unwell woman who accused former President Donald Trump of assaulting her and sued him for defamation for defending himself in the media.

In 2022, New York passed a law that extended the statute of limitations for assault-related civil lawsuits beyond 20 years, giving New York residents a one-year window to file civil lawsuits against individuals who allegedly assaulted them. Carroll admitted during a previous interview that she helped New York Democrats pass the law to help her sue Trump. She was then able to conveniently file a civil lawsuit against the presumptive GOP presidential nominee just before the 2024 election, which came after Carroll repeatedly stated her intention to help President Joe Biden beat Trump.

A New York jury did not find Trump liable for assaulting Carroll, though they did find him liable for “battery.” The deranged woman subsequently sued Trump for defamation because he dared to defend himself against her allegations, winning the defamation trial under dubious circumstances despite the fact that she is clearly not credible.

The jury ultimately ordered Trump to pay a shocking $83.3 million to Carroll for supposedly defaming her, but he has continued to deny the accusations and has since filed an appeal after securing a $91.6 million bond.

During the trial, Carroll admitted that she kept an unlicensed firearm in her New York home, telling the court that she had a “high standard revolver, nine chambers” and ammunition next to her bed.

Police in Warwick, New York, visited Carroll’s home on February 15 to address the situation. After the incident, reporting officer John Rader reportedly arranged to keep the firearm at the police station, and Carroll and a member of her team handed over the gun the next day.

According to New York State Law, possession of an unregistered firearm amounts to a criminal possession charge with a maximum prison sentence of four years. However, it does not appear that New York police have filed any charges against Carroll, even though the same crime would likely land any conservative-leaning New Yorker a maximum sentence.

Conservatives on social media were outraged over the news, with commentator Joey Mannarino pointing out that “as history teaches us, it’s not a crime when name-brand Democrats do it. ‘She told us about it so it’s fine’ is the same as ‘Biden turned over the documents when asked to.’ REALLY NOT THE POINT. BOTH committed the crime, BOTH must do the time.”

He then predicted that “crooked” Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg “will make the gun disappear.”