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Austria’s Upcoming Election Set for Sept. 29 Amid Rising Right-Wing Support

Austria's government has announced that the next parliamentary election will be held on Sept. 29, marking the end of the current five-year term. This...

FBI’s Security Clearance Revocation Sparks Concerns Over Political Bias

A long-serving FBI employee recently had his security clearance revoked after an internal review questioned his political beliefs and activities, raising concerns about potential...

Leaked Journal Entries Reveal Nashville Shooter’s Deep-Rooted Hatred And Psychological Struggles

Newly leaked journal entries from Audrey Elizabeth Hale, the Nashville school shooter, provide a chilling glimpse into the mind of a profoundly disturbed individual....

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Project Patriot offers Featured Projects as a way for readers to engage with thematic issues important to Americans. If you want a deeper look at the history of the pro-life movement, or to more thoroughly understand why it’s important for each person to be allowed to own firearms in a modern society, Featured Projects can provide context.

Serial Harasser From Queens Pleads Guilty To Making 12,000 Calls To Congress, Threatening Aide’s Life

A twisted Queens man, Ade Salim Lilly, 35, has admitted to making more than 12,000 harassing calls to members of Congress, including a chilling...

US Allows Ukraine to Strike Russian Forces Near Kharkiv With American Weapons

President Joe Biden has authorized Ukraine to use U.S.-supplied weapons to strike Russian forces attacking or preparing to attack the Kharkiv region, according to...

Trump Vows To Fight NYC Conviction, Claims Real Verdict Will Come From Voters

Former President Donald Trump defiantly responded to his conviction in a politically motivated show trial brought on by Democrats, maintaining his innocence and vowing...

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