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Trump’s Classified Documents Case Sees Hearing Amid Trial Delay

United States District Judge Aileen Cannon presided over a pivotal hearing on Wednesday concerning the case involving former President Donald Trump's handling of classified...

Trump Leads Biden In Swing States As Election Approaches

Former President Donald Trump is currently leading President Biden in various swing states, according to recent polling data, setting the stage for a contentious...

Biden Administration Aims To Expedite Asylum Cases In Major Cities

The Biden Administration has introduced a new initiative aimed at expediting the processing of asylum cases, particularly in Democratic-leaning cities, amidst mounting pressure to...

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Northern Border Sees Record Apprehensions Amidst Biden’s Failed Border Policies

The U.S. Border Patrol's northern sector has been witnessing a surge in illegal crossings, with apprehensions hitting unprecedented levels, raising more concerns about President...

Ukraine Says Funding Is Inadequate, Needs Billions More

The European Union's recent approval of a plan to allocate profits from frozen Russian assets for Ukraine's weaponry has stirred controversy, with Ukrainian Justice...

Billionaire Former Harvard Donor Calls On University To Embrace ‘Western Values’

Renowned billionaire investor Kenneth Griffin made a fervent appeal to his alma mater, Harvard University, urging it to embrace what he termed as "Western...

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Project Patriot is all about protecting personal freedoms for Americans with traditional values. As you center your life around your family and their values, as well as your community and your faith, liberal voters and Congressional leaders are working hard to limit your personal freedoms when it comes to gun ownership, the right to life, and more.

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