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Kennedy Jr. Faces Uphill Battle To Join Debate

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent candidate for president, is facing a significant challenge as he works to qualify for the first presidential debate...

CNN Criticizes MAGA Republicans Over ‘Republic’ Terminology

A recent CNN segment has drawn criticism for suggesting that MAGA Republicans are spreading conspiracies by stating that the United States is a "republic."...

Critics Slam Sen. Murphy Over Gun Control Remarks And Bump Stock Ruling

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) has come under fire for his remarks on recent Supreme Court rulings related to gun control, particularly those concerning bump...

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Project Patriot offers Featured Projects as a way for readers to engage with thematic issues important to Americans. If you want a deeper look at the history of the pro-life movement, or to more thoroughly understand why it’s important for each person to be allowed to own firearms in a modern society, Featured Projects can provide context.

Seattle’s ‘Belltown Hellcat’ Faces $83k In Fines For Disruptive Driving

Seattle's city officials have fined Instagram influencer Miles Oliver Hudson $83,200 for disturbing the peace with his loud, modified Dodge Charger. The 20-year-old, who...

Hunter Biden’s Silver Laptop Shown to Courtroom During Gun Trial

Prosecutors began presenting their case against Hunter Biden at his gun trial on Tuesday by showing the courtroom the first son’s infamous laptop and...

Teen Gang’s Violent Assault On Homeless Man Shocks Oklahoma City

A savage attack on a homeless man by a gang of teenagers has left the community in shock. The incident, which was live-streamed on...

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Project Patriot is all about protecting personal freedoms for Americans with traditional values. As you center your life around your family and their values, as well as your community and your faith, liberal voters and Congressional leaders are working hard to limit your personal freedoms when it comes to gun ownership, the right to life, and more.

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