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Project Patriot is a news publication created especially for American patriots who are seeking balanced, insightful, and trustworthy resources. We uphold traditional Conservative values and welcome readers from all walks of life. In this publication, you’ll see informative, educational, and breaking news topics from all over America and around the globe. Our team respects your patriotic point of view, and we’re delivering news you can trust.

Navigating the news is tricky in the information age, with so many publications, angles, and opinions. Add blatant fake news and censorship to the mix, and you’ve got a problem of epic proportions. Who should readers believe? Does a publication have your best interests at heart? Is a news outlet serving the people, or serving deep pockets in business or politics? Naturally, you want to pinpoint news providers who care about the people they write for. That’s where we come in.

Reasonable, Reliable News

We aim to be a voice of reason in an ocean of confusing, conflicting information. Our reports are rooted in fact and based on the core value of truth that we hold dear. We welcome readers of all backgrounds and political stances to follow the news we report, and we hope to be a strong example of trustworthiness in a world where it’s difficult–and sometimes impossible–to trust long-established media outlets.

What to Expect From Project Patriot

Our news team is committed to providing you with factual, to-the-point information that helps you determine where you stand on any given issue–whether newsworthy, political, economic, or social. We’re not here to shape your opinions or to steer you in any particular direction. We’ll just report the facts, then respect your free right to make up your own mind.

Patriot Daily

Patriot Daily stories deliver the most important topics of the moment right to your email inbox. This category of reports covers political news, current happenings, important international stories, what’s going on in the economy, and more. Each article is written specifically for quick reading on the go, wherever you are.

Featured Projects

Featured Projects reports dig further into broader news topics and issues that are unfolding around the world and right in our backyard here in the US. These stories are well-researched and tend to cover ongoing or more expansive topics. Whether we’re covering prominent lawmakers, legislation, tragedy, or important issues at home or abroad, we’re here for you.

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