About Project Patriot

Project Patriot was founded with a belief that patriotism is alive in America, and that America remains a fantastic force in the world thanks to patriots like you. We’re here to serve the American voice, to be a vigilant watchdog against federal government overspending, and to ensure every American knows what they need to do when it comes to defending family, faith, and community.

Project Patriot seeks to inform and inspire readers to take legal, civic action concerning their rights and personal freedoms. Project Patriot is about enduring through hardship and understanding what it takes to safeguard personal liberties and rights.

The Project Patriot Mission

Project Patriot is all about expression. We believe in the First Amendment rights to speak freely and gather and worship freely, without intervention. Our readers are self-reliant people who place emphasis on personal responsibility and always find a way to make things work. Our mission is to help readers understand the latest news and the history behind critical topics — so readers like you can protect and preserve their personal freedoms and liberties.

Preserving American Values

It’s vital to remain vigilant when Congress spends money or keeps abortion legal. When they are hard on industries that employ people across Middle America or ignore the problems at the border, we know it’s time to speak up. You can do your part to protect and preserve our way of life by knowing how to take action and understanding the issues before you hit the polls.

Pointed Patriotic Updates

Patriotic Updates keep vigilant Americans in the know when it comes to latest news concerning the threat of their personal freedoms. If you’d like updates on the right to bear arms, the right to speak and worship freely, and the right to life, Patriotic Updates is for you. In this category, we also cover border control, government spending, and honoring the men and women who serve as law enforcement officers in our communities and in the armed forces. Patriotic Updates are proud of America, and we want to keep it moving in the right direction.

Featured Projects

Featured Projects include thematic articles about broad issues in addition to the news updates you’ll find in Patriotic Updates. Here, you’ll get background, detail, and history on all the important issues that already matter to you. Featured Projects are for hardworking, faith-centered patriots who want to be more fully informed when it comes time to hit the voting booth.

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