After Losing GOP Primary Haley Takes Job at Neoconservative Think Tank

Nikki Haley the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations who unsuccessfully ran for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination has taken a new position at the Hudson Institute a neoconservative think tank. This move comes after Haley was soundly defeated by President Donald Trump in the critical early Republican presidential primary contests.

The Hudson Institute based in Washington, D.C., is known for advocating American intervention overseas and taking a tough stance on global affairs. John P. Walters the institute’s President and CEO praised Haley as “a proven effective leader on both foreign and domestic policy.”

However America First supporters see Haley’s appointment as aligning with the globalist and international socialist agendas often associated with such institutions. Haley’s past support for America’s alliances such as with Ukraine stands in stark contrast to President Trump’s policies which focus on reducing U.S. involvement in foreign conflicts.

During her failed presidential campaign Haley openly promoted her globalist vision of America becoming more involved in endless costly foreign wars. Her tenure at the U.N. and new role at Hudson also raise questions about her ideological consistency and future in a GOP still heavily influenced by Trump’s ideas.

While Haley’s position at Hudson allows her to continue shaping foreign policy discussions it also places her at the center of a think tank known for its interventionist approach — something many grassroots conservatives have grown increasingly skeptical of. This move could be seen as a strategic play perhaps with an eye on a future political comeback.

Nonetheless it highlights the ongoing ideological battle within the Republican Party between the America First movement and the interventionist doctrines that have characterized much of the party’s establishment in recent years.