Polish President Meets With President Trump

Former President Donald Trump and Polish President Andrzej Duda had a private meeting at Trump Tower in New York City on Wednesday. They talked for two and a half hours about things like the war in Ukraine, problems in the Middle East, and what’s stopping world peace.

Trump said Duda was doing a great job and that they have a really good friendship. He also said that when he visited Poland in 2017, he was impressed by how the Polish people stand up for their country and work to keep the European Union safe.

Poland is a conservative country that’s serious about protecting its borders from people trying to come in illegally. That’s something he and Trump have in common.

When Trump was president, he wanted NATO countries to pay their fair share for defending Europe. Most conservatives, including Duda, agreed with him on that. Duda told reporters that he and Trump talked about his idea for NATO members to spend at least 3% of their GDP on defense.

Some people think that if Trump becomes president again, the U.S. might stop funding Ukraine. But a lot of Republicans, like House Speaker Mike Johnson from Louisiana, still want to send more aid. They’re planning to vote on a package soon that would give Ukraine over $60 billion, mostly to replace weapons the U.S. has already sent them to fight against Russia. Johnson said 80% of the money would go toward that.

The continued respect shown for Donald Trump to this day with world leaders, despite the complications such praise may cause with the President Joe Biden, shows those paying attention exactly the kind of leader Americans had — and may soon have again.