Georgia Father Poisoned Infant To Avoid Child Support

A Georgia father received a 50-year prison sentence for poisoning his newborn daughter’s milk with antifreeze. The baby’s father Curtis Jack initially admitted to the crime but later denied his actions.

He was convicted of first-degree cruelty to children and attempted murder. The victim was an infant named Madison who survived the ordeal.

Jack impregnated a coworker in 2020. Despite having a stable job at Delta Airlines, Jack pressured the woman to have an abortion.

The unnamed woman did not consent to the abortion and gave birth on Sept. 24, 2020. While she was still hospitalized, Jack poisoned breastmilk with antifreeze on October 1.

Jack then delivered the contaminated milk to Madison’s grandmother who unknowingly fed her the tainted milk. She soon became extremely ill and was rushed to the hospital where she tested positive for ethylene glycol.

Jack admitted to poisoning the milk and explained that his motivations were, astonishingly, to avoid child support payments. He later retracted his statement. He did have stable employment but was apparently unwilling to pay for the child.

South Fulton Police Sergeant Pserda Dickerson shared with Channel 2 that “the case hit home because it involved an 18-day-old baby.” He emphasized the challenge in proving the case went beyond just securing a confession, and that there was still a fight ahead to convict Jack for his crime, noting, “Proving someone committed the crime involves more than getting a confession.”

The jury found Jack guilty on all counts including attempted murder. He is required to serve 40 of the 50-year sentence behind bars.

Madison has made a full recovery and is in good health today.