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Thanks for reaching out to Project Patriot. We help you stay informed, stay updated, and stay engaged with issues affecting every American today. If you’re worried about the limitations of your personal liberties, Project Patriot is here to keep you updated.

Our Mission

We provide balanced reporting about issues affecting Americans with traditional values. If you’re looking for an approach that is fair to the law enforcement officers who protect our community, and a media source that doesn’t insult your faith or family values, Project Patriot is here to help. You are our mission: the busy, hard-working American who needs to stay informed about the news of the day.

Project Patriot provides frequent news updates as well as longer educational pieces about the history of the patriot movement and the importance of each piece of the traditional American’s agenda. We’re here to preserve faith, family, and community.

The Project Patriot Team

The Project Patriot team consists of writers and editors throughout the United States. They come from a variety of backgrounds, and enjoy homemaking, firearms safety and instruction, analyzing public policy, informing their community, and participating in faith-centered activities.

The Project Patriot team comes from all over, and this results in some united views with variations in perspective. The team comes together to listen, learn, and educate.

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Please reach out to us any time. Project Patriot editors love hearing from readers! We accept critique, feedback, suggestions, and more. We’d love to hear what you think. You have the right to speak freely: use it! Simply reply to any newsletter to reach out.

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