Pro-Abortion Websites Providing Discrete Ways To Terminate Pregnancies In Red States

Roe v. Wade being overturned completely shook up the abortion industry throughout America. What was once a guaranteed right to abort a child within the first trimester, regardless of where in the United States you were has been abolished, returning regulation over the practice to the rightful decision-makers — state legislation.

However, many left-leaning organizations aren’t thrilled that they can no longer terminate unborn babies freely, responding by advertising abortion pills in Republican-led states without proper age verification or prescription requirements as a Daily Wire investigation revealed.

The improper conduct violates the restrictions that numerous states have on abortion-inducing medication such as mifepristone and misoprostol — which seems to be the exact intent of the websites.

Places such as Plan C directly intend to remove any restrictions around getting the medication, regardless of local or state regulations on the sale of it. The website encourages customers to use discreet payment methods to acquire the pills and claims no liability for any medical complication that comes from the medication.

The group’s website declares their “vision” as “A near future in which the ability to end an early pregnancy is directly in the hands of anyone who seeks it.”

Of course, their mission currently violates many state laws, which the group is more than aware of.

In the website’s FAQ section, one of the highlighted questions is “Can I get in trouble for using abortion pills?” It notes that depending on what state an individual lives in, there can be a legal risk of consuming the medication.

In a subsection, the website claims that a total ban on abortion “does not necessarily block a person from using pills on their own,” attempting to vindicate the website and its cause. It also notes that individuals have faced legal prosecution for the illegal use of abortion pills but “During that same time, many people self-managed abortions.”

It also warns customers not to inform any medical personnel that they’ve consumed the medication, claiming it cannot be detected.

“If you go to a hospital or other healthcare facility, do not tell anyone that you took the pills,” the website states. “There is no way for anyone to know you took the pills. Tell them you think you are having a miscarriage.”

The website appears extremely aware of not just the fact that what it is doing violates laws across several states but that it is not a proper medical source.

Instead, it’s another pro-abortion group that is willing to do anything so long as women across the country can bring their unborn children to an untimely death. A truly diabolical cause to push.