BLM Rioters Who Torched Atlanta Wendy’s Accept Plea Deals

Two of the three suspects who set a Wendy’s in Atlanta, Georgia, ablaze during the violent Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots of 2020 recently accepted plea deals.

The two suspects, Chisom Kingston and Natalie White, have both been charged with conspiracy to commit arson in the first degree. They pleaded guilty to their crimes in a plea deal, per court records.

Kingston and White were recently sentenced to 5 years of probation for their crimes. The pair must pay a $500 fine and complete 150 hours of community service. The trial for the duo is set to take place soon.

Like Kingston and White, a third suspect was charged in the matter but has not accepted any plea deals. John Wesley Wade, 35, was indicted on the same charges as the pair in January 2023.

Wade is a well-known BLM activist who has committed countless violent actions across the U.S., including setting fire to police vehicles in Atlanta and properties belonging to the U.S. Postal Service. The 27-year-old was arrested by police after he was ordered to wear an ankle device containing a GPS.

The indictment states that the three suspects “unlawfully by means of fire, knowingly and intentionally damaged the building.”

The charges come after BLM riots took the U.S. by storm in 2020. In this case, the three suspects decided to set a Wendy’s in Atlanta on fire after 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks was shot during an incident involving police at the Wendy’s.

In June 2020, Brooks reportedly punched an Atlanta police officer and pointed a taser at him, prompting a second officer to fatally shoot him. The incident occurred in a Wendy’s parking lot, where Brooks had been under investigation for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol.

BLM rioters later decided to torch the Wendy’s where the incident occurred.

The officers involved in the incident, David Brosnan and Gerrett Rolfe, have been charged over their actions. Days after Brooks’ death, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard charged Brosnan with excessive use of force and charged Rolfe with felony murder, among other charges. Rolfe was initially placed on leave but was reinstated in the spring of 2022.