Biden Announces Taxpayer-Funded Healthcare For Illegal Aliens

During a Cinco de Mayo event hosted at the White House, President Joe Biden unveiled plans to extend taxpayer-funded healthcare access to illegal aliens enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Biden also described DACA recipients, also known as “DREAMers,” as “model citizens” who “deserve” taxpayer-funded healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare.

Biden reiterated his administration’s commitment to providing amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients, emphasizing the narrative that these illegal aliens deserve for taxpayers to fund their healthcare and deserve citizenship.

“DREAMers can now get health insurance, as they deserve,” he said.

Defending the DACA program against criticism, Biden emphasized the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

“My first day in office, as I said, I sent a comprehensive immigration reform bill to Congress. It expands legal paths for entries for families and employers. It includes pathways to citizenship for DREAMers in the only country that they ever called home,” he said.

“I love it when people say, ‘Why DREAMers?’ Can you imagine a kid, two years old, saying, ‘Mom, don’t take me across the Rio Grande; it’s against the law’? Give me a break. These have been model citizens,” Biden continued.

Biden went on to demand that Congress “act” in getting amnesty passed, saying, “The right thing to do is to keep pushing forward until we get it done.”

Despite Biden’s demand for DACA amnesty, concerns have been raised about the potential fiscal and economic implications of such a policy shift.

Analysis from Breitbart News suggests that a DACA amnesty could lead to a surge in chain migration and impose significant costs on taxpayers, particularly related to healthcare and social welfare programs. Additionally, reports from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) indicate potential downward pressure on wages for American workers as a result of a DACA amnesty, noting that amnesty would cost taxpayers roughly $26 billion.