Our Team

It’s incredible to look back at the time the Project Patriot team has spent together and reflect on how far we’ve come. Only a few years ago, a couple of close friends sat at the kitchen table lamenting their choice in news coverage. An idea was born — and from it, Project Patriot.

The Project Patriot Mission

We weren’t kidding when we said we wanted to support freedom of expression, first amendment rights, and every other right given to us by the Constitution. Our founding fathers dedicated their lives to building a better America — something we fear many have forgotten about.

We understand that our readers want to be self-reliant, live peaceful lives, and simply enjoy their families and communities. The choices we make each day are designed to support those causes — and more.

The Project Patriot Team

Over time, the Project Patriot team grew from a couple of people hashing out the news each morning to an entire team of dedicated and passionate news junkies. Everyone here has a strong background in reporting and journalism, understands current events, and believes in preserving journalistic integrity.

We start each day by diving deep into the latest news cycles. We do this so you don’t have to. We cut through the noise, sift through the garbage, and resurface with what we hope are stories you’ll find useful as you go about your everyday life. At the very least, we hope you’re at least entertained!

Stay in Touch with Us

We want you to be a part of our team. You can do so by sending us messages with your thoughts, concerns, or even your ideas. We are no strangers to controversy and we know not everyone will agree with our choice. By speaking up, you can help shape our publication into one that will remain a useful, valuable part of your days. And we can’t wait!