Editorial Policy

The Project Patriot team started small and then grew into something we hadn’t even dared imagine when the publication was first started. While we trust our team members to adhere to journalistic standards, we knew it was important to be transparent about our rules and guidelines. Thus, our editorial standards were outlined and formalized. 

Responsible Sourcing

We will, whenever possible, cite our sources. Our articles are rigorously vetted and fact checked. That said, there will be occasions where human sources need to be protected. In those instances, we promise to vet their information, disclose as much information as possible, and honor the anonymity of those who are courageous enough to share sensitive information with us.

Conflicts of Interest

Every member of our team is required to disclose any potential conflict of interest. Financial reports won’t report on the banks they use or where their buddies work. Former lobbyists won’t necessarily cover their ex-causes. We aren’t in anyone’s pocket, either — even those of our advertisers. You can read our publication trusting that there is no conflict or that any potential is disclosed clearly.

Plagiarism and AI

We have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism and copyright theft of any kind. Anyone who violates this or any of our policies is immediately dismissed from our team. We encourage the use of AI to search for angles and to do research, but do not allow the use of AI in our writing or editorial processes. Every item on our pages is human-iterated.

Contact the Team

Have questions? Concerned about something you saw published here? Reach out. If we made a mistake, we’ll own it (and transparently correct it). Just don’t agree? That’s cool, too. Let’s talk about it. Reply to any newsletter or send us a message. We take every single email seriously.