Canadian House Speaker Allegedly Orchestrated Removal Of Conservative Leader

The Canadian House of Commons Speaker, Greg Fergus, is under fire from Conservative Member of Parliament Michael Cooper, who alleges that Fergus orchestrated the ejection of Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre from Question Period.

In an exclusive interview with The Post Millennial, Cooper accused Fergus of planning to remove Poilievre from the House beforehand, citing the timing of the incident in relation to the government’s handling of drug decriminalization policies in British Columbia. Cooper claimed that Fergus used Poilievre’s use of the term “wacko” as a pretext to silence opposition voices and shield the government from accountability, despite the fact that the term has been used “by many Members of Parliament across all party lines over many, many years without any consequence.”

He told the outlet that he believed “that it was planned before Pierre Poilievere had even stood in the House of Commons. In the lead up to question period the Liberals were feeling the heat about, frankly, wacko decriminalization of hard drugs policy in British Columbia, that has led to a record 2,500 overdose deaths.”

Cooper criticized Fergus for what he perceives as a failure to uphold the non-partisanship expected of the Speaker, accusing him of acting in a partisan manner to protect the interests of the Liberal government.

Furthermore, Cooper raised concerns about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s use of authoritarian tactics to suppress dissent, citing previous instances such as the freezing of bank accounts during the Freedom Convoy protest. He warned against Trudeau’s proposed Online Harms Act, which he characterized as a further attempt to censor opposing viewpoints and consolidate power within the government.

In response to these developments, Cooper reaffirmed the Conservative opposition’s commitment to fighting against the Online Harms Act and holding the government accountable for its actions. He called for Trudeau to call an election, allowing Canadians to have their voices heard and choose a government that respects democratic principles.