Bezos Earth Fund Partners With NC State To Develop Sustainable Fake Meats

The Bezos Earth Fund, a philanthropic organization backed by multi-billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has committed $100 million to facilitate the development of alternative protein products as he interferes with food production in the name of climate extremism.

The fund has partnered with North Carolina State University (NC State) to establish the Bezos Center for Sustainable Protein, which will receive $30 million over five years to build a research and development hub for fake meat products and components.

The center will focus on developing plant-based products, fermented cells that can be used in food products, and lab-grown meat from cultivated animal cells. It aims to advance alternative protein production and commercialization to address the projected global protein supply gap in the coming decades.

Believer Meats, a leader in the cultivated meat industry, has also announced its partnership with the Bezos Center for Sustainable Protein at NC State. The company is currently building its first-of-its-kind commercial-scale production facility in Wilson, N.C., which is set to be operational by the end of 2024 with a capacity to produce over 26 million pounds of cultivated meat annually.

“Creating alternative protein products that are delicious, appealing, and affordable for consumers is critical if we are going to solve the future demands on our food supply,” said Bill Aimutis, Executive Director of NC Food Innovation Lab (NCFIL) and co-director of the new center.

The Bezos Earth Fund’s investment in alternative protein development is part of a larger, $1 billion effort to transform food production with the disastrous externalities when food — something people need to survive — is transformed by an out-of-touch elite class of utopians.

Food production is considered the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions by climate extremists looking to seize the food production process and the ability for people to travel.