The Tale Of The Great Dallas Monkey Breakout

Two monkeys went missing from the Dallas Zoo, leading to a manhunt — or should we say monkey hunt — last week when two emperor tamarin monkeys went missing from the zoo.

The police then received a tip which led them to an empty home nearby. In the home, the two monkeys were in a closet. The Dallas Police believe that the monkeys were intentionally taken from the zoo. There is a photo and video released by the police regarding a suspicious person.

As if that situation wasn’t weird enough, the great monkey caper isn’t the only recent weird animal case. Earlier in January, the same zoo was shut down after a leopard went missing.

The leopard was located, but in the meantime, the Dallas Police Department’s SWAT team was called in.

Also in January, Dallas Police investigated a cut on the restraints that held in langur monkeys. These monkeys didn’t escape or go missing. After all of that, on Jan. 21st a rare endangered vulture died of unusual causes.

Zoo president Gregg Hudson said, “This goes from being about malicious and gets into really criminal intent that’s dangerous.”

The simian jailbreak is one for the record books. All of the pieces of a compelling story are here: escaped zoo animals, monkeys and a mystery left to be solved. What’s not to like?

The story garnered national attention as zoo officials tried to figure out exactly what happened. Monkeys are, by nature, smart animals. But even this has got experts scratching their heads.

Multiple agencies are now investigating the mysterious situation unfolding at the Dallas Zoo. There’s a lot of heat on the case and the unusual circumstances make it more compelling.

If the incidents are related, it could be one of the most interesting recent mysteries in the news. Hopefully, the case is solved before any more animals go missing.

Perhaps as we do more research we’ll find out about how the monkey break happened. Or perhaps the less we know, the better.