Paxton Alleges ‘Secret’ Dismissal Of Voter Fraud Cases

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, having overcome impeachment accusations, this week unveiled startling revelations about alleged secrecy within Texas local courts concerning voter fraud cases.

In a candid interaction with Tucker Carlson on the former Fox News host’s show on X, formerly Twitter, Paxton divulged his claim that nearly 1,000 voter fraud cases his office had been pursuing were summarily dismissed by a local court.

He said he was baffled by the state’s Court of Criminal Appeals’ decision to reject over 900 such cases and deny him the prerogative to prosecute these concerns. According to Paxton, “We were fully busy prosecuting voter fraud, and suddenly the Court of Criminal Appeals – all Republicans – said nope, it’s unconstitutional for the attorney general to be in court because these are the executive branch.”

Paxton suggested the possibility of internal resistance, implying that Republicans on the court may be deliberately undermining his efforts, ostensibly allowing voter fraud to go unchecked.

Paxton’s claims emphasize his concerns over the Texas voting system, particularly its approach to mail-in ballots and the apparent lack of stringent voter ID requirements. “When you change it to mailing it out to everybody, we have no idea who’s voting. That’s the system that they like because we can’t prove voter fraud if we set up a system that’s completely open,” Paxton said.

The allegations so far come exclusively from Paxton and should be taken as his personal viewpoint, not proven facts.

In another dimension of Paxton’s revelations, he also expounded on the presence of Biden administration lawyers during his impeachment investigations, hinting at a possible connection between his prosecution and his staunch opposition to Biden administration policies. He told Carlson, “There were two of the four House investigating lawyers that worked at the Department of Justice in Washington. That’s not random. They were sent there.”

Undeterred by his impeachment trial, Paxton appears reenergized to continue his work, highlighting his ongoing endeavors to “stop the Biden administration from ignoring the Constitution and just ram-rodding things through outside of the legislative process.” His staunch resolve exemplifies the prevailing conservative sentiment, “If we don’t fight now, we’re gonna lose our freedom. We lose Texas, we lose everything.”

Paxton has filed 48 suits against the Biden administration and says his legal pursuits are “causing a lot of trouble for the Biden administration,” which he perceives as a potential motive for his legal struggles.