Trump And Hungarian Prime Minister Hail Recent Meeting

Former President Donald Trump recently hosted Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at his home in Mar-a-Largo, Florida.

Following last Friday’s meeting, Trump praised Orbán as a strong leader. Trump told a gathering at Mar-a-Largo that he appreciated Orbán because he says, “‘This is the way it’s going to be,’ and that’s the end of it.”

“He’s the boss,” Trump added, calling Orbán a “fantastic leader.”

The Hungarian Prime Minister was equally generous in his praise, writing: “We need leaders in the world who are respected and can bring peace. [Trump] is one of them! Come back and bring us peace, Mr. President!”

Zero Hedge reported that Trump and Orbán have a history of positive interaction. Many have maligned the two for their toughness on immigration and defense of national sovereignty. Their alignment on these issues has strengthened their friendship.

A statement released by Trump campaign officials noted that the former president and Orbán met “to discuss a wide range of issues affecting Hungary and the United States, including the paramount importance of strong and secure borders to protect the sovereignty of each nation.”

Following Friday’s meeting, Trump hailed Orbán’s tough immigration policies in a post on his Truth Social platform: “Hungary is a Safe Country because of his Strong Immigration Policies, and as long as he is in charge, it always will be.”

Many view Trump’s statement as a dig at President Joe Biden’s open border policies, which have become a chief concern for voters in the run-up to November’s general election.

CNN reported that during a post-meeting event at Mar-a-Largo last Friday evening, Trump told the crowd: “There’s nobody that’s better, smarter or a better leader than Viktor Orbán. He’s fantastic.”

Angering Biden administration officials, Orbán posted the comments to his Instagram account.

The Biden administration took issue with Trump meeting with Orbán, apparently to pave the way for future foreign policy decisions, particularly with Hungry, which does not support additional funding of the war in Ukraine.

Biden criticized Trump’s meeting during a MSNBC interview, in which he linked Orbán with North Korean and Russian dictators.

During a campaign event in Philadelphia, Biden sharply criticized Trump’s meeting with Orbán, saying: “You know who he’s meeting with today down at Mar-a-Lago? Orbán of Hungary, who stated flatly he doesn’t think democracy works. He’s looking for dictatorship.”

Hungarian officials responded by referring to Biden’s statement as a lie and called the American Ambassador to the consulate to produce proof that Orbán had ever made such claims.