Stefanik: DOD Pushes Woke K-12 Curriculum And Thwarts Investigation

House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) ripped the Department of Defense after a report exposed the prevalence of “woke” educational materials within the DOD’s Education Activity (DODEA) Schools.

The Republican accused the DOD of “stonewalling” investigations into its insistence on teaching “divisive and racist ideology” to the children of armed services members.

Stefanik directly charged that President Joe Biden’s DOD permitted the “radical teachings” of its controversial Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) chief Kelisa Wing to infiltrate its classrooms.

Further, she insisted that the department allow transparency into the ongoing investigation into Wing’s “racially divisive statements.”

Fox News reported that Wing in 2020 tweeted of her frustration in dealing with “these white folx in these (professional development) sessions.”

The diversity chief added that a participant “had the CAUdacity to say that black people can be racist too…I had to stop the session and give Karen the business.” CAUdacity is a pejorative aimed at Whites, or Caucasians.

A new report showed that under Wing’s watch, woke books she penned had a startling 1200% increase in DODEA schools. Over 600 copies of her leftist diatribes are now present in 49 DODEA schools worldwide.

Stefanik protested that “far-left radical Kelisa Wing is under investigation for her racist and divisive statements, but Biden’s Department of Defense is allowing her to infiltrate the classrooms and minds of our servicemembers’ children.”

The DOD in September announced a “review” of Wing over allegations that she has a history of disparaging Whites. It was initiated after almost two dozen members of Congress sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin demanding action.

While the representative noted that officials have already acknowledged there is a problem, the number of Wing’s radical books has still risen in DODEA schools.

To counter this infiltration of government schools for the families of armed forces members, Stefanik introduced the Servicemember Parents Bill of Rights.

This measure seeks to ensure that servicemembers with children have the right to be involved in their education. It also increases the level of accountability and transparency in DODEA schools and urges the Biden administration to abandon its indefensible promotion of woke ideologies.