Spike In Chinese Nationals Crossing The US Border

As of late December, 250,000 illegal aliens have crossed the border this month alone.

The identities of these illegal aliens, as well as their motivations for entering the country, remain unknown, as border patrol agents do not have the time or manpower to properly vet the huge influx of people crossing our border.

Some of the immigrants are cartel members, sleeper-cell terrorists, or even human traffickers. The sheer volume of people entering the country at the current rate makes it extremely challenging to discern their true identities. Unfortunately, the present administration appears to lack genuine interest in addressing the crisis.

According to The Daily Caller, the number of illegal immigrants from China is consistently reaching record levels. In November alone, the Border Patrol recorded 4,767 encounters with Chinese nationals attempting to cross the border unlawfully.

In a November piece for The New York Times, Eileen Sullivan reported that 24,000 Chinese nationals were apprehended last year attempting to enter the U.S. from Mexico. These individuals typically fly to Ecuador, where a visa is not required. Then, they enlist the services of smugglers to help them make their way to the U.S. The relatively high success rate of this approach motivates copycat travelers to do the same.

China has a well-established history of violating human rights and implementing repressive policies, making it unsurprising that there are Chinese citizens desiring to live as Americans.

However, in an era marked by spy balloons and TikTok, there is a likely possibility that some nefarious actors may have comfortably infiltrated the United States.

This underscores the importance of holding the Biden administration accountable for not making efforts to distinguish between legitimate asylum seekers and potential threats at the border.

Meanwhile, San Diego Sector Border Patrol officials are issuing a cold weather advisory to discourage illegal immigrants from traveling to San Diego County during inclement weather. The anticipated heavy rains and cold fronts significantly elevate the risks of illness, injuries, and fatalities for individuals attempting illegal entry into the United States.

The warning comes just before the coldest days of the year in San Diego County.

San Diego Sector Chief Patrol Agent Patricia McGurk-Daniel released a statement saying, “Our message to migrants who are thinking of illegally crossing the border is this: Do not put your lives at risk. The smugglers do not care about you. They have abandoned others in the past and left numerous migrants to fend for themselves.”