Leftist Collective Claims Responsibility For University Office Raid In Oakland

A radical collective identifying themselves as “anti-colonial anarchists and communists” has taken responsibility for a brazen break-in at the administrative offices of the University of California in Oakland. The incident, which occurred on Monday night, involved the destruction of property, including seven windows shattered, and the splattering of red paint throughout the office, along with the release of “500 cockroaches” into the premises, including the office of university president Michael V. Drake.

In a statement released anonymously, the group justified their actions as an act of solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance, aiming to challenge the perceived limitations of resistance to specific locations.

The University of California Office of the President confirmed the vandalism and announced their cooperation with law enforcement to investigate the matter. However, they refrained from providing further commentary. The Oakland Police Department has not responded to inquiries regarding the incident.

This incident echoes similar leftist terrorism observed in Portland, Oregon, where another anonymous group claimed responsibility for setting multiple police cars ablaze in support of “brutalized student protesters” and the Palestinian cause.

The statement issued by the Oakland-based anarchists denounced the University of California as a “settler colonial project,” accusing it of perpetuating oppression and contributing to colonial structures, both domestically and internationally.

Moreover, the group criticized liberal and progressive factions within the pro-Palestinian movement for allegedly diluting its radical essence. They called for intensified activism and condemned efforts to suppress militant forms of struggle.

Aside from the property damage, the collective left behind a water jug inscribed with the word “Bonk,” referencing a previous incident at California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt, where pro-Palestinian students clashed with police using similar objects.