CNN Won’t Run Powerful Laken Riley Anti-Biden Ad

Cable news outlet CNN refused to run an ad last week by the non-profit group Building America’s Future that blames President Joe Biden for the death of Augusta University nursing student Laken Riley at the hands of a Venezuelan illegal immigrant near the University of Georgia campus, because of the president’s policy of open borders and no deportations.

Building America’s Future made the ad to educate the public about the dangers of Biden’s liberal southern border policy that has put enormous pressure on the city, state, and federal government and endangered the lives of Americans. But the left-leaning CNN decided not to air the ad Thursday during Biden’s State of the Union address.

Fox News, MSNBC and Newsmax ran the $700,000 ad, but according to the group that made it, CNN refused to air it.

“Laken Riley should have been able to go on a run in broad daylight without being murdered by an illegal immigrant,” the ad begins. “But Joe Biden promised not to deport illegal immigrants.”

“Should that person be deported? That person should not be the focus of deportation,” a sound bite of Biden plays next, followed by the narrator telling viewers, “Biden vowed not to deport illegal immigrants who crossed the border.”

“No one would be put in jail while waiting for the hearing,” Biden says in another sound bite, followed by the narrator saying, “So when Jose Ibarra crossed into America illegally he was not deported. He was not put in jail. Biden also supported sanctuary cities.”

A final unflattering Biden sound bite plays next.

“Should undocumented immigrants arrested by local police be turned over to immigration officials?” someone asks Biden. “No,” he answers.

The ad concludes: “So when Jose Ibarra was arrested in New York City, for endangering a child, he was freed a second time. Ibarra went to Georgia, where he beat Laken Riley to death. How many more killers has Biden set free?”

“It is shameful that CNN is censoring the truth and trying to protect President Biden by refusing to air this ad. The American people understand that Biden’s open borders agenda is responsible for the death of Laken Riley,” political strategist Phil Cox said in remarks to Breitbart News.