Brit Hume Warns: ‘Biden Is Palpably Senile’

Fox News Commentator and Chief Political Analyst Brit Hume told viewers that he believes President Biden’s age and mental acuity are a “ticking time bomb” and that the country should be concerned about their president.

Biden has a long record of mental, physical and verbal mistakes that seem to be directly related to his age and declining mental capacity.

“I have always thought the age and acuity issue was a ticking time bomb,” Hume said on Super Tuesday.

“I was saying when it was not at all fashionable to say it that he was senile. Now I think he is palpably senile and the country sees it. And one of his challenges on Thursday night, Bret, would be whether he can assuage the concerns of those even within his own party, who think and say that he is too old for the job,” he added.

Polling suggests that the vast majority of voters in the U.S. believe Biden is too old to be an effective president. According to Gallup, among those who voted for Biden in 2020, 60% believe his age will make him ineffective for a second term. In all, 73% of Americans believe Biden is too old to be an effective president.

In comparison, only 42% of respondents believe that former President Donald Trump is “just too old to be an effective president.” Among those who voted for him in 2020, only 5% agree that he would be ineffective and 9% strongly agree.

At 77, Trump is only four years younger than Biden.

Biden had a huge opportunity with the State of the Union Address to either show Americans that he was capable of doing the job or that he is too old. However, he appeared to prove the opposite, as he was often heard either shouting or slurring his words.

Even recently, while taking questions at a meeting of his competition counsel, Biden said, “I better not start the questions, I’ll get in trouble.” Statements like that, and many others, have people wondering whether or not Biden is mentally capable of handling the job.