Biden Vows To Provide Indefinite Support For Ukraine

Once again displaying his support for the establishment’s hunger for war, President Joe Biden announced during his State of the Union address on Tuesday evening that the U.S. will support Ukraine in its war with Russia for “as long as it takes.”

After Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the U.S. establishment’s war machine was hungry for more conflict, and they found it in Ukraine.

While people continue to die in this war with no end in sight, Biden and other elites have refused to discuss the idea of negotiating a peace deal — instead continuing to spend billions of American taxpayer dollars on more ammunition for the conflict.

During his State of the Union address, Biden called the war a “test for the ages” and noted that the United States and its Western allies have stood together against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine.

“I spoke from this chamber one year ago, just days after Vladimir Putin unleashed his brutal war against Ukraine. A murderous assault, evoking images of the death and destruction Europe suffered in World War II,” the president said. “Putin’s invasion has been a test for the ages. A test for America. A test for the world. Would we stand for the most basic of principles? Would we stand for sovereignty?”

“One year later, we know the answer. Yes, we would. And we did,” Biden added. “Together, we did what America always does at our best. We led.”

Meanwhile, Ukraine appears to be the only place where the left-wing elites support sovereignty — as they continue to demand the U.S. and other countries submit to a more globalist agenda.

The Ukrainian ambassador, Oksana Markarova, was invited to attend the State of the Union address in the latest attempt by the federal government to cozy up to Ukraine — a country that many lawmakers derided as “corrupt” just a few years ago.

Biden also addressed the ambassador directly during his proselytizing speech, pledging to continue his support for Ukraine.

“Ambassador, we’re united in our support for your country,” the president said. “We’re going to stand with you, as long as it takes.”

The U.S. has continued to ramp up its military assistance to Ukraine, with their latest stunt being sending Abrams tanks — paid for by U.S. taxpayers — to Ukrainian fighters. European allies, including the United Kingdom and Germany, have also pledged to send tanks to Ukraine.

While it appears that there is no attempt to negotiate a peace deal, the Russia-Ukraine war is close to entering its second year — as February 24 will mark the anniversary of the Russian invasion.

Former President Donald Trump responded to Biden’s State of the Union, calling for peace talks and condemning Biden’s escalation of the conflict.