Biden Border App Fast-Tracking Illegal Migrants Into US Jobs

Hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants are now allowed to immediately apply for employment authorization in the U.S. This was made possible through President Joe Biden’s CBP One app, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

How much is this affecting illegal border crossers in 2023?

Between January and July, over 188,500 migrants scheduled CBP One entry appointments at a host of entry points at the southern border. Leaders of Democratic cities pushed the White House to expedite these permits as thousands flooded their areas.

Without using the app, illegal migrants with an asylum claim are required to wait 150 days to request a work permit and another 30 days to receive one. The administration confirmed that approximately 16% of those who entered through the CBP One app applied for work permits.

Lora Ries was the Acting Deputy Chief of Staff of DHS during the Trump administration. She told the Daily Caller News Foundation that granting immediate work authorization effectively attracts even more illegal migrants to the country.

The evidence is in the numbers.

When the program was put into place, a distinct surge in border crossings began. June saw roughly 99,000 encounters with illegal migrants at the U.S. southern border.

That number jumped to over 132,000 in July and then swelled to over 177,000 in August. And the numbers allowed to utilize the CBP One app are only rising.

In January, Biden announced up to 360,000 asylum seekers would annually be able to apply through the app. But in July, that number skyrocketed to 522,000.

This effectively increased the available appointments from 1,000 per day to 1,450. This is having a powerful impact on major cities, especially those that foolishly declared themselves to be “sanctuaries.”

New York City residents regret the red carpet municipal leaders rolled out for one and all since 50,000 new illegal migrants showed up this year alone. Chicago is desperate to find accommodations for the 10,000 who showed up so far in 2023.

And now Biden is laying out more incentives for even more migrants to cross U.S. borders. All you need to do is get here, and jobs and shelter will be provided.

Is it any wonder the border is in such a sorry state?