Ashley Biden Owes Thousands In Taxes, According To Documents

Another member of the Biden family is making news again, and of course, not for good reasons. President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, owes more than $5,000 in income taxes dating back to 2015.

On December 1, the Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Department of Revenue issued a lien notice to Ashley Biden, a government claim imposed against a person’s assets or property to secure unpaid taxes following repeated failed collection attempts.

Ashley, 42, is the youngest of the Biden children and the only child the president and Jill Biden have together.

The dates listed on the lien began on January 1, 2015, which was the date when Joe Biden was the vice president, and ended on January 1, 2021, the date when he was sworn in as president.

Marco Polo founder and former aide to then-President Donald Trump Garrett Ziegler discovered the lien when searching the Philadelphia County courthouse system.

“This is just another example of the Bidens being careless,” Ziegler said.

President Biden “is constantly talking about how wealthy and connected people do not pay their fair share and can’t afford to pay more, and it just so happens that both of his living children did not pay their taxes,” he also said.

“Like, you’d think that they would show a little bit more prudence when you’re the first when you’re the American first family to make sure you don’t have any tax liens on you, especially going into an election year.”

Ziegler stated that his team found Ashley’s lien while conducting a routine search in the Philadelphia County courthouse system.

“None of us are registered Republicans,” he continued. “In fact, I loved and still love Trump precisely because he wasn’t a standard Republican. So this is not a hit job. We’re going to keep all the photos that paint the Bidens in a good light and keep all the photos that paint the Bidens in a bad light. The American people can judge for themselves what they think about their first family through this.”

Many have called out the Biden family’s hypocrisy when it comes to paying taxes. Collin Rugg, the co-owner of Trending Politics, tweeted a video on X that shows the president telling Americans to “pay their fair share” on taxes. Too bad he has not told his children to do the same.

The most disturbing part of this story is that Ashley only owes around $5,000, which is nothing compared to what the Biden family is worth. It shows that the Biden family believes that they are above the law.