4-Year-Old Grand Daughter Rushes To Greet Grandpa Trump

Former President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump shared a video this week on X, formerly Twitter, of Trump’s 4-year-old granddaughter Carolina, as she ran to meet him as he arrived at Mar-A-Lago.

The loving 77-year-old grandfather scooped the little girl into his arms for a big hug and held her as he spoke with her mother briefly before setting her down, in a moment that got tons of sweet responses on social media. “When Grandpa makes a surprise visit and you’re so excited to see him,” Mrs. Trump captioned the video.

“People forget that he’s Grandpa to a dozen,” someone replied. The former president has 10 grandchildren, between the ages of three and 16-years-old, and he appears to have a good relationship with his grandchildren.

That is not the first time Trump’s granddaughter went viral on social media for her cuteness. In November, little Carolina drew conservatives’ attention on social media after her mom, Lara Trump, posted a video of Grandparents Day at her school with the caption: “When top priority is showing Grandpa your desk at school.”

The heartwarming video shows Carolina wearing pigtails and her school uniform, happily walking hand in hand with her Grandpa Trump, accompanied by Secret Service agents as they made their way through the school hallways to the young Trump’s classroom.

Trump also scored big social media points with a video of the former president talking about his granddaughter and name-dropping her on the television while she’s watching. “You know Lara? She lives in North Carolina and she named the baby Carolina.” She reacts by bursting into laughter.

Lara Trump is the wife of the 45th president’s second-oldest son Eric Trump. In addition to Carolina, the couple also have a son named Luke. Mrs. Trump recently announced her bid for co-chair of the RNC and said if she wins, she said that she will make sure every dollar she can goes toward helping her father-in-law to get reelected to the White House in 2024.