Zelenskyy Interview In Doubt After Tucker Carlson’s Announcement

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson announced on Wednesday that he had seemingly secured an interview with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Carlson shared on Twitter that after two years of effort, the interview was finally coming to fruition. He aimed to provide Americans with critical insights into the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

However, a spokesman for Zelenskyy’s office quickly disputed Carlson’s claim, stating, “The President of Ukraine has a completely different schedule, and Tucker Carlson is not on it.”

Carlson has been a controversial figure, especially following his two-hour interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin in February. Critics accused him of disseminating Kremlin propaganda and speculated that Carlson had been included on an “enemies list” maintained by Ukrainian supporters. This list reportedly targets those considered to go against Ukraine’s interests.

Despite the criticism, Carlson expressed his desire to conduct the Zelenskyy interview to provide a broader perspective on the conflict. He believes that such information is crucial for Americans to understand the implications of the war on their country’s global position.

Zelenskyy, who has faced international scrutiny for extending his term and cracking down on Orthodox Churches accused of collaborating with Moscow, would have an opportunity to address these issues in the interview. Carlson suggested that if Zelenskyy is confident in his leadership and policies, he should be willing to discuss them openly.

The controversy surrounding Carlson’s previous interview with Putin and the immediate denial from Zelenskyy’s office cast doubt on whether the interview will proceed. The public remains intrigued and skeptical about the potential exchange, awaiting further clarification on the situation.