YouTube Adopts WHO’s Orwellian ‘Medical Misinformation’ Policies

Online video streaming giant YouTube expanded its current COVID-19 content policy to include what it deems as all “medical misinformation.” The platform now bows to the unelected World Health Organization (WHO) to determine what information U.S. citizens receive.

Further, YouTube will deplatform content revealing “cancer treatments proven to be harmful or ineffective.”

This means no more natural remedies or approaches not approved by multinational organizations and Big Pharma. Instead, creators will be forced to toe the line with the mainstream.

Hardly a day goes by without a popular platform deciding that the American public cannot be trusted to filter its own information and make its own decisions. Instead, the so-called “public square” is increasingly controlled by international organizations and a willing Washington.

YouTube’s expanded policy is to be implemented when the company perceives public health risks, the topic is given to “misinformation” and when official guidance is available.

In other words, if a content creator disagrees with medical guidance by the so-called “experts,” their content will be disallowed.

The platform claimed to uphold “the important balance of removing egregiously harmful content while ensuring space for debate and discussion.”

However, if evidence or even opinion contradicting the official medical line is abolished, how are “debate and discussion” supported by YouTube? The simple answer is that they are not.

The more revealing answer is that the video platform is bowing to pressure from leftist organizations to filter what users see. In its own words, it will apply its medical misinformation policies “where content contradicts local health authorities or the World Health Organization.”

YouTube admitted in 2021 to de-platforming over a million videos it deemed as sharing “dangerous coronavirus information.” And it’s not just COVID information that is getting swept under the rug.

The expanded policy affects possibly harmful vaccines, reproductive issues, “harmful substances, and more.”

YouTube said it will now focus on three categories of medical information: “Prevention, Treatment, and Denial.” Videos that go against accepted guidance on treatments will be removed, as will those promoting “unproven” remedies.

Videos that deny certain conditions exist, such as COVID-19, will also be deleted.