Western Energy Alliance President: Every Federal Agency Is Going After Oil, Gas Industry

During a recent interview, Western Energy Alliance President Kathleen Sgamma explained that every one of President Joe Biden’s federal agencies is targeting the oil and gas industry.

Speaking on journalist John Solomon’s podcast, Sgamma explained the targeted attacks against the oil and gas industry — noting that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is making it more difficult to obtain land leases to drill.

“It’s part of this whole government approach,” she told Solomon. “Every agency is in on the act of either defunding the oil and natural gas industry. In the case of BLM (Bureau of Land Management), they’re saying ‘you can’t really do your project here like you could in the past,’ or ‘we’re not going to lease like we did in the past, because we’re just going to protect the land.’”

These actions taken by the BLM against the fossil fuel industry are the result of an executive order signed by Biden just days after taking office in January 2021, which banned new oil and natural gas leasing on federal lands and waters.

While Biden’s executive order did not implement a ban on existing leases, the action did negatively affect existing projects that were waiting on adjacent leases, according to the Western Energy Alliance.

The radical left’s push to shut down the fossil fuel industry in the United States doesn’t actually decrease the demand for oil and gas. As Sgamma noted, if the U.S. doesn’t produce the oil and gas that they need, it will just be imported from somewhere else.

“If we can’t produce it in the United States, we have to import it from somewhere else,” she explained. “So we get about 10% of our oil and natural gas from BLM lands, from onshore oil and gas production. That is federal. So that might not sound like a lot. But if you take away 10% of our production, it starts to add up.”

Sgamma recently spoke about these issues during congressional testimony, discussing the overreach committed by the BLM in regard to conservation and landscape health. She warned during the testimony that passing H.R. 3397 — which would require BLM Director Tracy Stone-Manning to withdraw a rule of the bureau regarding conservation and landscape health — would allow the bureau to limit productive leases.