Van Jones: Young Voters See Biden As ‘Genocide Joe’

Longtime Democrat and CNN political commentator Van Jones lamented on Thursday that a growing number of young voters are vehemently turning on President Joe Biden.

Addressing CNN’s “OutFront,” Jones noted that youthful progressives and particularly those in the Arab American community refer to the incumbent as “Genocide Joe.” This for the White House support for Israel in its fight against Hamas terrorists.

Jones acknowledged the daunting problem facing Biden. “There are four syllables that are aimed at him. Genocide Joe. That is becoming something you’re hearing from the younger voters in the Arab American community.”

The left-wing commentator expressed his belief that the Democratic president can “turn it around.”

However, the party’s vocal base is disappointed that the administration sides with Israel in the Middle East conflict. Turning away from Biden could have a devastating effect on the November election with the unpopular president already trailing presumptive challenger Donald Trump in polls.

Jones said Biden has “deep ties and friendships in the Muslim Arab community.” But he confirmed that the president has his work cut out for him if he wants to heal the divide, and the CNN mouthpiece stopped far short of explaining how that would be accomplished.

Will Biden need to forsake Israel to return to the good graces of radical progressives?

Politico reported that pro-Palestine protesters turn up at every Biden event. Demonstrators interrupted the president’s recent United Auto Workers speech to demand a ceasefire.

Just a day before at a Virginia abortion rally, people chanted “ceasefire now or no vote” in addition to “Genocide Joe.”

This led to Biden’s Democratic handlers attempting to better filter those permitted to attend such events.

Vice President Kamala Harris was also targeted by leftist demonstrators. While she talked with a group of abortion supporters, she responded to the interruption by saying, “We all want this conflict to end as soon as possible.”

As primary voters cast their ballots in New Hampshire last month, 1,497 wrote “ceasefire” on their ballots. And Biden’s aides grumble that too much attention is directed at the demonstrators.

Politico reported they believe the wrong impression is being given about the majority of the Democratic Party’s stance.