Truth Social Receives Record Traffic During State Of The Union

Truth Social, a social media platform founded by former President Donald Trump, reported record traffic Thursday night during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. Trump previously announced that he would be posting live responses to Biden’s speech, drawing unprecedented viewership and causing some delays.

He posted on Truth Social the day before the address, saying “I am pleased to inform you that tomorrow night we will be doing a LIVE, Play by Play, of Crooked Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address. I will correct, in rapid response, any and all inaccurate Statements.”

The former president additionally out a video before the State of the Union addressing issues with Biden’s presidency.

While Truth Social did not provide statistics on traffic, it reported that the surge of viewers was enough to cause some delays in service at the beginning of the speech.

Trump opened the series of posts by commenting on Biden’s tardiness — the president entered the room more than fifteen minutes late, and didn’t make it up to the podium until nearly half an hour after the State of the Union was due to begin.

Trump gave several rebuttals to Biden’s points throughout the address and criticized Biden for avoiding talk about the border — an issue in the forefront of Americans’ minds.

“He just screwed up his primary line of the evening, having to do with Roe v. Wade, while looking at the Highly Respected Justices of the Supreme Court, for whom it was intended!” Trump posted in response to Biden’s statement, “Women are not without electrical power.”

“He’s having a hard time now,” Trump said near the end of the address, “The words are not flowing smoothly out of his mouth!” Trump also gave this piece of advice to attendees: “Don’t shake his hand, he’s been coughing into it the entire night!”

Trump’s final remark? “The Story is that he got through it, he’s still breathing, and they didn’t have to carry him out in a straitjacket. Other than that, he did not do a very good job!”

You can see Trump’s play-by-play alongside Biden’s State of the Union address here.