Trump’s Allegations Over Biden Crime Family Proven Factual

Former President Donald Trump warned Americans during the 2020 presidential campaign that the Biden family engaged in international criminal activity. Now overwhelming evidence proves the 2024 Republican frontrunner was correct.

While on the campaign trail, Trump told enthusiastic audiences that Joe Biden and his son Hunter were immersed in scandal. He noted their dealings with disreputable Ukrainian energy firm Burisma as well as Chinese Communists and others.

The leftist media, of course, wrote off his cautions as baseless and conspiracy-laden.

But now, three years later, accusations that emerged during the presidential debates of 2020 are proving to not only be substantive, but accurate.

During a September debate, Trump told his opponent, “China ate your lunch.” He declared that Hunter Biden “takes out billions of dollars to manage. He makes millions of dollars.”

Trump then asked, “why is it — just out of curiosity — the mayor of Moscow’s wife gave your son three and a half million dollars?” Tellingly, it was just the following month when Hunter’s abandoned laptop with incriminating files was revealed.

Of course, Democrats and their compliant lapdogs in the FBI and media claimed the device and its evidence were simply “Russian disinformation.”

Even with overwhelming evidence against the Biden family, the left not only denied reality but tried to let Hunter off the legal hook with an unprecedented sweetheart deal. The Justice Department deserves investigation for what it “negotiated.”

The president’s son, for a small plea with no jail time, was to receive blanket immunity for any crimes he may have committed.

Any crimes. Not just the tax avoidance and lying on a federal form to obtain a firearm, but any crimes.

Why would such an offer even be on the table if it were not for the existence of evidence that more serious criminal activity took place? But Democrats amazingly lost all sense of curiosity when confronted with mountains of evidence that the president’s family was corrupt.

Instead, the testimony of yet another critical witness prompted the party to trot out Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) to give the media their talking points. Speaking for his party colleagues last week, the Democrat demanded the investigation “end now.”

Trump was right all along, and his supporters well knew it. Before the controversial 2020 presidential election, he foresaw what the country was getting itself into and tried to head it off.

Now voters are stuck with rampant corruption in the White House, and Trump is the one being indicted.

Nothing to see here folks, just move along.