Trump-Backed NC Republican Seeks RNC Chair

North Carolina Republican Party chairman Michael Whatley — who has former President Donald Trump’s endorsement — officially announced on Monday that he is seeking to fill the role left behind by Michigan Republican Ronna McDaniel, who recently resigned her chairmanship of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

According to an email obtained by the Washington Examiner, Whatley announced his candidacy for RNC chair on Monday in a message to other RNC members.

“I believe that my experience driving turnout and protecting election integrity in North Carolina, as well as my time as RNC General Counsel, have prepared me well for this role,” he wrote. “I have been truly honored to receive President Trump’s endorsement for this position.

“America is depending on us to send President Trump back to the White House, expand our majority in the House of Representatives, and win control of the Senate. If I am elected Chair, I will work tirelessly beside you to win in November and fix the damage that Joe Biden has inflicted on our country,” Whatley pledged.

Whatley is a strong Trump supporter. After the government indicted the former president last year, Whatley declared in a post on X that the indictment was an example of “an out of control prosecutor” misusing his power, “which shows utter disdain for the rule of law and a dangerous weaponization of his office for purely partisan purposes,” tagging the note North Carolina GOP.

A year before that, after the FBI raided the 45th president’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Miami, Florida, Whatley reiterated his belief that the government had been exploiting its power.

“I agree with @GOPLeader that the Biden Administration must be held accountable for this completely unjustified action when Republicans take control of the House and Senate on November 8,” the North Carolina GOP chair added.

Whatley favors conservative policies on the border and foreign adversaries like China and Russia. He once wrote, “Joe Biden should be spending his time trying to solve the border crisis or get the economy back on track – not pushing a federal elections takeover.”