Sharp Rise In Illegal Aliens Evading Border Patrol Highlights Biden Border Crisis

A concerning trend has emerged at the U.S.-Mexico border, as newly disclosed data reveals a significant increase in the number of illegal aliens successfully evading capture by Border Patrol under President Joe Biden’s administration.

Border Patrol statistics obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request indicate a stark rise in “gotaways” since Fiscal Year 2020. While there were 136,808 gotaways in FY 2020, this figure surged to a staggering 670,674 by FY 2023, marking a troubling escalation.

Chief Jason Owens of Border Patrol has expressed deep concern over the surge in gotaways, emphasizing the security risks posed by individuals entering the country undetected. Owens highlighted the challenges of identifying and apprehending these individuals, citing the potential threats they may pose to national security.

Moreover, a Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) analysis has revealed a sharp increase in the foreign-born population since Biden took office in 2021 — equivalent to nearly two years of births in the U.S., pushing the foreign-born population to a historic high of 51.6 million, with illegal immigration accounting for a significant portion of the growth.

The sharp increase in gotaways and the rise in the foreign born population underscore the Biden administration’s failure in managing illegal immigration and securing the southern border. Critics argue that the administration’s leniency on immigration enforcement has emboldened illegal immigrants to attempt unauthorized crossings, contributing to the surge in gotaways.

The surge in illegal aliens evading Border Patrol has reignited debates over immigration policy and border security, with calls for tougher enforcement measures gaining momentum. The Biden administration’s response to the border crisis has come under scrutiny, as concerns mount over its ability to effectively address the surge in illegal crossings and ensure national security.

As the administration grapples with the fallout from the surge in gotaways, questions linger over the effectiveness of its immigration policies and enforcement strategies. With the border crisis showing no signs of abating, the administration faces mounting pressure to implement comprehensive reforms and strengthen border security measures to address the challenges posed by illegal immigration.