Rhode Island Teacher Exposes ‘Media Literacy’ Program’s Indoctrination Agenda

It is no secret that the left has been targeting children for years to advance their agenda. One Rhode Island educator witnessed firsthand the extent of how far they will go to ensure they eliminate the possibility of having students able to think for themselves.

Ramona Bessinger, a high school teacher in Providence, wrote a report detailing the “media literacy” program, which received over $700,000 from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). According to DHS, the program, Courageous RI, was designed to combat disinformation. Bessinger, however, stated that the program’s objective was to “indoctrinate children.”

Published on Monday, her report detailed the training that she and other educators took last fall, which was done by the University of Rhode Island’s Media Education Lab.

According to Bessinger, the 12-week online training began last September. She noted that while the focus was supposed to be media literacy, it was more geared toward attacking conservative viewpoints.

Bessinger reported that when they were attending breakout sessions and project sessions, some teachers complained about their conservative students, describing them as future “violent extremist MAGA Republicans.”

“According to one facilitator, these students were part of the ‘outer group’ and would need to be brought back into the ‘inner group’ specifically conservative students that may have outwardly expressed support for Trump,” Bessinger wrote.

William Jacobson, a legal expert with Cornell Law School, stated that a program such as Courageous RI can turn teachers and students into becoming informants for the government. This idea is not far off since conservatives have become the enemies of democracy, according to the far left.

Bessinger also explained how easy this could be. To combat “disinformation,” Courageous RI has its own reporting system. If a student hears an ideology that contradicts what is being taught in the classroom, they could make an anonymous report to the app “Say Something.”

The dangers of the app are pointed out in Bessinger’s report. The program took the DHS “Say Something” idea to report possible terrorist behavior and turned it into a way for students to snitch on conservatives. All it takes is a student to hear a peer or family member express an opposing opinion and that person will be reported and labeled as an “extremist.”

Bessinger is no stranger to battling the left’s agenda. Two years ago, she took on the middle school she was employed with at the time for pushing a “racially divisive” curriculum.