Pope Francis Calls Leftist Gender Ideology “Ugly”

Speaking at a conference in Rome on Friday, Pope Francis called leftist gender ideology an “ugly ideology” and declared that he has authorized studies into it to further combat its spread and influence.

The two-day conference, entitled “Man-Woman: Image of God. For an Anthropology of Vocations,” in intended to encourage research into social sciences.

The pope further declared that leftist gender ideology “cancels out the differences and makes everything the same” and that “canceling out the differences means canceling out humanity.”

Additionally, he recommended a 1907 book called Lord of the World written by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, an Anglican who became a Catholic priest. The book, said the pope, is “prophetic” and “speaks of these problems of today.”

Although the bulk of the pope’s remarks were written and delivered by his aide due to still suffering the effects of a cold, his comments served as a powerful preamble in contrast to previous statements from the Vatican. Just last November, the pontiff approved baptism for people with gender identity disorders and also allowed for them to be designated as godparents under special circumstances. The decision was made in response to an appeal for guidance on the matter from Catholic authorities on local levels.

The public debate over leftist gender ideology has divided the religious community and the world, causing deep political fault lines.

Pope Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Argentina, ascended to the papacy in 2013 after Pope Benedict XVI made the historic decision to step down due to declining health. The first pope to have been a member of the Jesuit order, he chose the papal name of “Francis” in order to honor Saint Francis of Assisi.