Lara Trump Releases Children’s Book About Never Giving Up

Lara Trump has had a busy schedule lately. A few days after announcing her candidacy for RNC co-chair, she just launched her first children’s book.

Partnering with Brave Books, Trump released “The Never Give-Up Pup,” which tells the story of a young detective who refused to give up, even when things got hard. She told Fox News Digital that writing the book was right up her alley because she is a huge dog lover and thought it would be fitting to write a book centered around characters who are dogs.

Trump reported that her childhood was the inspiration for the book. She used her experience of not making the JV cheerleading team as a way to show children that the world will not end if they fail. Instead, if they get back up and work harder, they will succeed at whatever they want to do.

“I was devastated, and my dad was the one who said, ‘Listen, you can either be upset about this, or you can work really hard over the next year. Then when you go to the tryouts next year, you know, see what happens,’” Trump recalled. “So, that’s exactly what I did. I worked as hard as I possibly could over the next year. And the next year, when I went to try out, I made the Varsity team instead of the JV team.”

Trump stated that this particular event in her life taught her that “hard work really does pay off in so many ways.”

It is a message that many children in America tend to not hear regularly. Between participation trophies being handed out and those who slack off being rewarded as well as those who earned their achievements, Trump’s book offers a positive message for children, especially those who are ready to throw in the towel after failing at something.

“What is lacking so much in our society today is hard work,” Trump told the Washington Examiner. “People really have a tendency not to want to work hard. Everything’s accessible these days for our kids.”

She believes that all parents can relate to the book because it’s a message that most parents already instill in their children starting at a young age.