Laken Riley’s Father Demands Action In Georgia

In a heartrending appeal to lawmakers on Wednesday, Jason Riley, the father of the slain Augusta University nursing student, Laken Riley, took to the Georgia State Senate floor, urging action to curb what he describes as an illegal invasion. His daughter, a bright and caring nursing student, met a tragic end while jogging on the University of Georgia campus last month. Her life was cut short by Jose Ibarra, a Venezuelan national who entered the U.S. illegally and was later released while under an ongoing criminal investigation.

Riley’s plea to Georgia’s leadership is clear and profound: “I stand before you, a heartbroken man.” He urged Gov. Brian Kemp (R) to declare an invasion to “detain and deport criminal illegals.” Jason Riley’s address came after the Georgia State Senate passed a resolution in Laken’s memory. The largely symbolic measure pointed out the urgency of the crisis and the renewed fear many Georgia families are feeling for their security, considering the more than one million illegal migrants living in the state.

Jose Ibarra, the accused killer, represents a concerning pattern of unchecked migration and lax law enforcement. His presence in Athens, along with his illegal status and the charges he faces — including felony murder and kidnapping — are emblematic of the mounting crisis that Riley insists requires immediate attention.

This tragic event has catapulted the Riley family into the center of a fiery debate on immigration policies and the role of sanctuary cities like Athens-Clarke. While he said he truly appreciates the Senate’s gesture, Jason Riley emphasized that more substantive actions are necessary to prevent further tragedies. His call to action resonates beyond the chambers of the Georgia Senate, striking a chord with all who prioritize safety and the rule of law.

Jason Riley’s impassioned plea before the Georgia State Senate underscores a growing concern among American families and conservative circles. Laken Riley’s story has grown to be more than her family’s personal tragedy — it has become a powerful sign of the ongoing disaster being unleashed on all of America by leftist Democrats and the Biden administration.