Judiciary Panel To Vote On Contempt For Biden’s Ghostwriter Over Subpoena Dispute

The House Judiciary Committee is set to vote on a measure to hold Mark Zwonitzer, a ghostwriter for President Joe Biden, in contempt of Congress. This action follows Zwonitzer’s refusal to comply with a subpoena demanding documents related to Biden’s memoirs, “Promise Me, Dad” and “Promises to Keep.”

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the panel’s chair, asserts that Zwonitzer has not provided essential documents and materials. These records are needed to investigate claims of President Biden’s mishandling of classified information. The committee’s resolution emphasizes that Zwonitzer’s withholding of documents impedes their oversight of Special Counsel Hur’s findings and the Justice Department’s impartiality.

Initially, Zwonitzer agreed to provide the documents but later required a subpoena. Upon receiving the subpoena in March, he legally challenged it, causing further delays. According to the committee, Zwonitzer’s failure to comply has significantly hindered their investigation into the President’s handling and disclosure of classified materials.

“Zwonitzer’s failure to fully comply with the Committee’s subpoena has hindered the Committee’s ability to adequately conduct oversight of Special Counsel Hur’s investigative findings, the Justice Department’s commitment to impartial justice, and the President’s retention and disclosure of classified materials,” the resolution continues.

The committee stresses that the requested materials are crucial for understanding how classified materials were managed and disclosed, as well as Zwonitzer’s handling of these materials on his computer. This vote is a significant step in the ongoing investigation into the President’s handling of sensitive information.