Jon Stewart Triggers Liberals After Joking About Biden’s Age

In his Monday night return to The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took a jab at President Joe Biden’s age, triggering liberals everywhere.

While Stewart is no stranger to taking shots at former President Donald Trump, he decided to turn his attention to Biden as well, whose cognitive abilities have been put into question.

During the segment, he played a clip of Vice President Kamala Harris stating how the president stays “on top” of everything and directing several officials. To that, Stewart asked if anyone had recorded Biden doing the tasks that Harris claimed to have witnessed.

Stewart played another clip of Biden at a press conference last week discussing his cognitive ability after special counsel Robert Hur referred to him as having a “significantly limited” memory.

“So Joe Biden had a big press conference to dispel the notion that he may have lost a step ― and, politically speaking, lost three to four steps,” Stewart said.

As expected, liberal snowflakes decided to criticize Stewart on social media for his jokes about the president. One user seemed so offended by Stewart’s performance that one could see the stream coming out of her ears as she was writing.

Another user who appeared to have a meltdown called Stewart’s words “irresponsible,” writing that she was done with the host.

One user, who described themselves as “woke and proud” wrote that she was “sick and tired” after five minutes of hearing about Biden’s age.

Another user went as far as saying that he would “never forgive” Stewart for taking a shot at Biden’s age as if the gesture would hurt the comedian’s feelings.

By viewing the comments, many liberals have no sense of humor and want to deny the president’s cognitive decline.

While many Democrats attempt to tread lightly on Biden’s shortcomings, Stewart said that the president should not be immune from criticism.

“The stakes of this election don’t make Donald Trump’s opponent less subject to scrutiny, it actually makes him more subject to scrutiny,” he said.

While liberals were triggered and appeared to have meltdowns over Stewart’s honesty and facts, X and Tesla owner Elon Musk thought it was a good show.

If Stewart’s performance proved one thing, it’s that liberals are up and ready to cancel anyone who states facts or questions their agenda.