Hunter Biden Sues Fox News, Fox Releases Statement

Hunter Biden has filed a lawsuit against Fox News, accusing the network of airing a misleading miniseries and publishing explicit images. The suit, lodged in New York County Supreme Court, claims the series “The Trial of Hunter Biden” distorts reality for entertainment purposes.

The lawsuit argues that Fox News intentionally manipulated facts and created false narratives. The series, described as “fictionalized” by Biden’s lawyers, allegedly portrayed events out of context and included fabricated dialogue. They claim this has led to significant emotional distress for Biden, according to the filing.

Biden’s legal team also highlighted that Fox News published explicit photos of him. These images, which depict him nude and involved in sexual acts, were deemed highly inappropriate by his attorneys. Fox News, in response, stated, “We look forward to vindicating our rights in court.”

Judge Joe Brown, who informed viewers during the series’ airing on Fox Nation, clarified that Hunter Biden was not facing charges at the time. The miniseries, initially available on the streaming service, was taken down in April after Biden’s legal team threatened legal action.

In the lawsuit, Biden’s lawyers assert that Fox News aimed to commercialize his persona rather than report news. They argue that the series, based on a fictitious criminal case, blurs the line between fact and fiction, causing harm to Biden’s reputation. The suit claims Fox News violated Biden’s civil rights and caused emotional distress by publishing explicit images and profiting from the series.

The lawsuit requests a jury trial, compensatory and punitive damages, and the return of any profits from the miniseries. The attorneys also referenced Fox’s $787.5 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems, implying a pattern of unlawful behavior by the network.

Fox News dismissed the lawsuit as politically motivated and lacking merit. The network noted that Biden only complained about the program in April 2024, despite it being aired in 2022. Fox stated, “Hunter Biden is a public figure who has been the subject of multiple investigations and is now a convicted felon,” and expressed confidence in defending their First Amendment rights in court.