Hochul Quotes ‘Philosopher Taylor Swift,’ Ignores Illegal Alien Crisis

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) used her annual State of the State address to quote the “philosopher Taylor Swift” rather than address the ongoing border crisis and the effects it is having on her state thanks to the massive influx of illegal aliens entering New York City.

While more than 100,000 illegal aliens have flooded into New York City, overwhelming shelters and city resources, Hochul decided that the right way to kick off 2024 was to quote a pop star.

“Quoting the philosopher Taylor Swift, she reminds us that everybody here was somebody else before. And although people might live fundamentally different lives, they still stand side-by-side on the subway platform, or sit at the counter, the diner, upstate or Long Island, united as New Yorkers. We all want our great state to succeed,” the Democrat governor declared.

Although she didn’t directly address the illegal immigration crisis, it appeared that her comments were a veiled attempt to tell New Yorkers that they should accept the illegal aliens that have invaded their city and used up the resources that many New Yorkers desperately need.

Meanwhile, the subway platforms that Hochul casually mentioned people standing “side-by-side” on in her speech have actually been the site of some of the city’s most violent episodes in recent years — with reports and even videos showing people being stabbed, attacked, robbed and shoved onto train tracks. None of these violent New York moments were paid homage to in a Swift song, or in Hochul’s State of the State address.

Hochul and other Democrat officials also don’t seem to want the “great state to succeed” either, despite what she claimed in her comments, as they have routinely chosen to prioritize the health and comfort of illegal aliens over their constituents — including in a recent decision to force students out of class at James Madison High School to make room for illegal aliens to shelter inside the school.

These children were made to learn from home remotely because a storm forced the city to relocate illegal aliens out of the massive tents they were sheltering in at Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field. As New York City has taken in more than 100,000 illegal aliens, shelters and hotels are essentially overwhelmed, and the city has claimed that the high school was their only viable option.

While Hochul did not mention illegal immigration in her speech, her State of the State document did — declaring her intent to spend more taxpayer money to aid these criminal illegal aliens.

“Governor Hochul is launching a new, multi-pronged effort to ensure New York’s immigrant communities have access to the tools and resources to realize their full entrepreneurial and economic potential,” the document read.