High School Students Protest Radical Leftist Gender Ideology

Students at John Jay High School in New York State had enough of having gender ideology shoved onto them by the Wappingers Central School District. A mass walkout on Monday clearly demonstrated their frustration at system adults abandoning common sense.

The young people protested the district policy of permitting students to use the bathrooms designated for the gender they align with. This, of course, ignores the person’s actual gender.

Student Shauna Neilan told Spectrum News 1 that students are unhappy with being forced to march in lockstep with leftist ideology.

She explained, “A bunch of people from our school, John Jay, feel uncomfortable. We want to change that and give them their own spaces to make us more comfortable and them more comfortable.”

A small counterprotest was organized by radical adults opposed to the students’ message. The extremist Defense of Democracy group showed up to support allowing students to use bathrooms that are the opposite of their biological gender.

The organization described its purpose as to “educate the public about the value of inclusivity and the importance of emotional and physical safety for all individuals within the American public school and library systems.”

Dwight Bonk, the Wappingers Central School District Superintendent, confirmed that a petition circulated around campus. Now deleted, it alleged that there have been incidents involving students using bathrooms of the opposite gender.

Bonk said, however, that he was unaware of specific instances. “We are going to continue to provide a safe environment for all of our students. And all means all, each and every one of them.”

The high school currently has bathrooms designated male and female along with an all-gender facility available to any student. It is governed by state statutes that mandate that students may use the bathroom of their choice if they desire to do so.

The superintendent said the school administration will “support all of their rights, but we’re also going to be following the proper protocol that we are responsible for following.”

Students who left school early to participate in the walkout were told they must have discussions over conduct with officials.