Glenn Beck Warns US Ill-Prepared For War

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck warned of an impending global conflict during a Wednesday appearance on the Megyn Kelly podcast. He sharply criticized Joe Biden’s handling of domestic and foreign issues. Addressing current geopolitical developments and national preparedness, Beck’s analysis resonated with a growing sentiment among conservative circles.

“We are headed for not just a regional war, but I believe weโ€™re headed for a global war,” Beck cautioned, emphasizing the precarious situation Israel finds itself in with Hezbollah, Hamas and potentially the IRGC from Syria. Beck continued, noting the historical precedents where threats have been understated or ignored, “This is the first time โ€” in human history that I know of โ€” somebody has said who they are, and then proven it.” He drew parallels with Hitler’s threats to Jews, which the world at large initially dismissed.

Drawing attention to the current discourse on platforms such as X, formerly known as Twitter, Beck expressed concern over the unabashed calls for violence against Israel. “They say ‘it is not about a second state. It is about killing the Jews,’ period. We know what they say. We know what they do. They put it on the X platform. They wanted the world to see it.” He further critiqued groups and ideologies that endorse or disregard this rhetoric, referencing the controversial positions of groups like Black Lives Matter.

Beck didn’t shy away from pointing out what he sees as failures on the domestic front by the Biden administration. “What youโ€™re seeing now is such an incompetent President. Biden has screwed this country up so many different ways,” Beck lamented. He further warned of potential conflicts’ economic implications: “We go to war, gas prices will easily be $10 a gallon. Thereโ€™ll be shortages of things because he has screwed us in the end.”

Beck’s overarching message was a call for clarity in recognizing international threats and domestic challenges. “There is good and evil, and it is clear,” he argued, prompting listeners to recognize the signs and choose their stance wisely.

The broader conservative community has echoed many of Beck’s sentiments, voicing their concerns over the U.S.’s preparedness for war and the economic implications of the current administration’s policies. For many, Beck’s candid conversation with Megyn Kelly was not just a mere analysis but also a sobering reminder of the challenges ahead for the nation.